American Landscape from Museum of Modern Art, New York

Charles Sheeler's American landscape has only one human figure on the railroad tracks. Sheeler is know as the father of American Modernism . His paintings were know for their straight careful lines . Focus students on Sheeler's local Philadelphia ties. Point out that he went to college at what is now the University of the Arts !
Some of Sheeler's other work .
Picturing America resources for American Landscape .

Charles Sheeler known as founder of American Modernism
Discovery Education Videos:

Baseball Bat Factory : this is a good short (1 min.) video that would be a good introduction to factories for younger students.
The American Industrial Revolution : Video includes Thomas Edison clip, rail, steel, and oil industries. This may be a nice tie in with the railroad in the painting. Blackline Masters .
The American Diary : People, events, and progress of late 1920's around the time of Sheeler's painting. Includes Pirmary Sources.
History in Focus : looks at events that formed America in the 1920's primary sources.